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I'm Terri Evans
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Personal Statement

As an accomplished nursing professional with over a decade driving clinical quality through multifaceted nursing roles, I am uniquely equipped to build competency among diverse learning styles. My approach is grounded in analytical listening, creative empowerment and adaptive learning development. I instill confidence, activate knowledge and accelerate capabilities regardless of baseline understanding. I dissolve complex medical concepts into simple wisdom through focused assessment of needs, personalized learning pathways, and interactive engagement with enthusiasm.

Teaching Philosophy

"I firmly believe that cultivating an acute awareness of the learning environment is paramount for fostering student success and ensuring the sustained efficacy of educational programs. In embracing the uniqueness of each learner, I am committed to creating an inclusive and adaptive teaching approach that not only imparts knowledge but also inspires a love for continuous learning, promoting intellectual growth and resilience in the face of diverse educational challenges."


Get to Know Me

As a doctoral-prepared Registered Nurse, I leverage over two decades of multifaceted experience - at the beside and the podium - to create enriching development opportunities for the next generation of exceptional nursing talent. Currently, I have the privilege of guiding health science students at an international university and nursing students in a bachelors of nursing program. My focus is on translating clinical expertise into impactful practice using virtual instruction. My personal "why" resides in empowering healthcare professionals to unlock their greatest potential while delivering compassionate, evidence-based care and healthcare education. ​

Qualifications at a Glance:

❖ Doctorate in Nursing Practice with expertise in health science and nursing education at the university level.

❖ Exceptional capacity to multi-task effortlessly, ensuring the delivery of compassionate patient care.

❖ Administrative and referral experience encompassing admissions, assessments, treatments, and education for a diverse range of patients and their families

❖ Highly recognized as a team leader and esteemed healthcare provider, known for advocating for patients effectively.

❖ Proven ability to forge, lead, and motivate outstanding healthcare teams, ensuring the delivery of top-quality patient care.

❖ Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, including precision in patient history taking and other essential procedures.

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Professional History

My Roles & Responsibilities

In my dynamic professional journey, I have undertaken a spectrum of roles that have significantly shaped my expertise and enriched my personal and professional development. The diversity of my experiences has not only broadened my understanding of healthcare but has also equipped me with a multifaceted skill set. As a seasoned Registered Nurse, I have seamlessly executed responsibilities ranging from bedside care to complex administrative functions, demonstrating an exceptional capacity for multitasking while maintaining a focus on compassionate patient care.

Moreover, my leadership roles have positioned me as a pivotal team member, recognized for my ability to guide and motivate healthcare teams toward the delivery of high-quality patient care. Beyond conventional positions, I have ventured into entrepreneurial pursuits, launching initiatives that reflect my commitment to advancing healthcare solutions. These endeavors underscore my dedication to innovation and a proactive approach in addressing challenges within the healthcare landscape. Should you wish to delve further into any specific aspect of my professional history, seek references, or obtain additional information, I welcome the opportunity to provide comprehensive insights. Your interest is highly valued, and I look forward to discussing how my rich professional background can contribute to the success of your organization.

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